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richey edwards

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i would like to point out that richey is very far from being presumed dead. this year (2002) is in fact the 7th anniversary of his disappearance and as such means that his parents could declare him dead . the fact is that they chose not to preferring to hold on to the hope that he is still alive somewhere. iam surprised at a bbc site being so ill informed.
jackie cannock.

richey edwards

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You're right that his parents could have declared him as being legally dead now that it is seven years since his sad disappearance. And they are also perfectly within their rights not to exercise this right if it is more comforting for them to believe that he is still alive.

However, the sad fact is that the location of his abandoned car and the total lack of any communication or reliable sightings in the intervening 7 years, does strongly suggest that he jumped to his death from the Severn bridge.

richey edwards

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i and thousands of other manics fans believe with his parents that he is still alive all the rest is conjecture. jackie.

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