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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

The reason for that is simple: you're talking to a person who works in a liquor store. Chances are they have not now, nor ever shall , see a passport, and so have no way to tell a fake. In a more international city, you would be fine, but who on earth vacations in Detroit? smiley - winkeye

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Ioreth (on hiatus)

That's what you get for moving to Detroit smiley - smiley

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Researcher 136821

The brown paper bag thing is not to hide your beer from cops (even they can figure that trick out). But it's to avoid corrupting minors. Alot of states make you put your liquor in bags so that minors cannot see you drinking it. I didn't say it made sense, just that it was why.

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I used to think that my home state of Massachusetts was one of the more ridiculous states when it came to liquor laws (which it is compared to Vermont and Maine, where one can buy cold microbrewed beer in any gas station convenience store whenever it's open, any day of the week.) But after reading the post about Oklahoma's laws, I stand corrected. I guess our sunday prohibition on drinking outside a bar or restaurant isn't only due to puritanism. At least we can buy cold beer to take home some days of the week! (before 11pm, that is). If I ever find myself forced to live in OK, I'll be sure to invest in a homebrew kit!

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Post 25

Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

In Georgia, you can drink when you're under 21, but you have to be in your home, and you must be supervised with your parents.

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Post 26

Ioreth (on hiatus)

True in any state, I believe.

Brief interlude: on my brief time back in america before returning to israel I threw a party, part fo which involved walking over to my former (and all my friends' present) school, climbing up on the roof, and getting really f*****g smashed. Us all being sixteen. It was great fun.

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Post 27


Actually, I saw a drive-through liquor store in Florida recently (Port Richey area).

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Post 28

Wolfman, Zaphodista :X (soon to be Zarquon again, or maybe not)

For the love of Bob, don't mention that state!

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Post 29

Jessie, queen of the strange - Nirvana rocks my socks!

this is a long-dead conversation, but I don't really care.

I live in Kentucky (not by choice, believe me) and I'm not sure of the exact laws, but I know I've been in grocery stores and gas stations that sold beer even in the middle of the night. I don't know if it's legal or not, but still.

And I think it's legal in every state for your parents to give you alcohol as long as it's under a certain amount... measured by the amount of alcohol in your blood, I believe. I know I've had a few glasses of wine at parties with my mum (I'm 14) without even a murmer. That doesn't mean it's legal, but that's what I've heard.

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Post 30

Richie Graham

Another way you could do it is that in the UK, Tango bottles are black and you can't see what's inside of them.

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Jessie, queen of the strange - Nirvana rocks my socks!

Vodka in water bottles, Black Velvet in coke bottles, beer in cream soda bottles... there are many ways to hide alcohol. But I prefer the simple opaque sports drink bottle. You can put anything inside, and people assume you're drinking Gatorade, or whatever. Well, only until you begin stumbling about and slurring your words...

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Post 32

Researcher 230617

In fact, it is legal to drive with an open container in Wyoming as long as you are outside of a towns limits. Also, there are many drive throughs in Wyoming as well as what we call "brew through's" in Pennsylvania where there is a garage door that serves as the entrance and you simply drive through for your favorite case of beer.

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Bl**dy Hell, you lot have some shi**y laws. Over here In Good Ol ENGLAND, we have alcoholics anonymous for different age limits, Under 9's, Under 11's, Under 13's etc.

Don't get me wrong, i aint got nuffin against you Crazy Yanks, but whoeva made your laws needs a beatin. Crazy Fool.
Gun=18 Beer=21. Lunacy.

Whats the age people start drinking over there?

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Post 34

Jessie, queen of the strange - Nirvana rocks my socks!

Legally or illegally? Legally, obviously 21. Illegally, I've been drunk and I'm 15. Generally it's around entry to high school... except for the very precocious, who start their alcoholic exploits in middle (or even elementary) school.

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Post 35


In Maryland, the laws are fairly typical. Bars close at 2 PM, liquer stores are closed on Sundays, and convenience stores and grocery stores cannot sell alcohol between Midnight and 6 AM. Minors are allowed to have alcohol at bona fide religous cerimonies (and these are defined in the law), and also parents may give their own children of any age alcohol within the privacy of their own home. This does not extend to providing alcohol for a teenager's party at the parent's house.

In Maryland, it is somewhat difficult to get a keg of beer for a party, and by difficult, I mean expensive. One must pay outright the cost of the beer, and a security deposit on the keg, usually equal to the cost of the beer. In some cases, only half of that security deposit is refunded. Although, I think this has more to do with individual sellers than with Maryland law. A fellow officer, originally from Pennsylvania related to me that getting a keg in that state is very easy and cheap. In Pennsylvania, convenience stores only sell beer in kegs or cases of 24. To get individual beers or 6-packs, one must go to a bar and pay an arm and leg. Apparently, Pennsylvania wants it's citizens to drink in bulk.

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Here in Portland, there Are actually several theatres where you can drink. The McMenamins chain runs 3-4 of them and there are another 3-4 independents. All but one( the Laurelhurst (http://www.laurelhursttheater.com/home.html)), are second run theaters, but they all have ticket prices in the 2-3 dollar range, and offer a fine selection of beers and wines, as well as food.

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Well, I dont mean to be rude, but The reason that you're allowed to buy cigaretts at the age of 19 is because it dosent effect as bad as alcohol does. You see, there are some things I would like to clarify seeing I am a US Citizen of course living in the US(I'm 15 yrs Old), and I have my permit. A permit allows you to drive at 15 WITH AN ADULT OVER 24! And in most states you have to wait six months after your 16th birthday to drive alone(Unless you already had a permit 6 months before your 16th birthday then you can get your licence on the same day). But back to the matter of drinking. In the US the reason why you can BUY alcohol at 21 is because of drunk driving. You see, cigaretts don't affect you as bad as alcohol when your driving, and the whole buying a gun at 18 thing is, a lot of kids go HUNTING with their PARENTS before 18 and when your 18 you are no longer required to be taken care of by your parents(legally), so if the teen wants to go hunting what are they going to shoot if they can't buy a gun and don't have their parents with them? Also we have been told since 1st grade that your liver dosent fully develop until 21. Now I don't know this to be a scientific fact but I have to live by it. I don't want to mislead you and say "We teens are perfect angels" but we high school students(Grades 9-12) do have our share of partys with alcohol, but they alaways get broken up by the police(we Americans love gossip). smiley - cheers

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