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Licenced premises in New Zealand have the ability to open at 10.30am
and not close untill 3am the following morning, seven days a week. Publicans in the larger citys tend to take advantage of this,while those in smaller centres will have their doors open by 11am and usually close before Midnight.
Closing time varies from Establishment to Establishment depending upon a number of circumstances including such things as the number of patrons in the bar at the time and the likelyhood of more arriving, the night of the week,(Sunday to Wednesday being traditionally slow nights) the weather,or even the mood of the publican.It is rumoured that on the thinly populated West Coast of the South Island the pubs never close.
Thursday through Saturday nights are generally considered to be the best times to socialise with the local inebriates,meet new friends and sing Karaoke.
The legal drinking age is 18 years but provision is made for those younger than that to be allowed in certain parts of the premises if accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.
The ideal beer is served cold with a slight froth(refered to as a Head).Opinion varies from place to place as to what constitutes a good "Head",however there is no argument about what a less than full measure is!.A perfect bottled or canned beer is one served cold.
Local patrons can often be found drinking in "schools",this is where two or more persons drinking together take it in turns to buy the drinks of the people in the school.
To be invited to join a school by locals is a sign of acceptance and should not turned down lightly.

New Zealand

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Bebel Matman Owlatron's Thundercat Tshirt Dude

Schools...in England this is called "the round", wherein you take turns to "buy a round". Try not to accept a drink offerd to you on entry to a pub by someone in a round if you're not willing to get a round for everyone there later, you little sponger.

Two blokes in the pub. One downs his drink and goes "You're round, mate."
The other bloke goes
"So are you, you fat bastard."

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New Zealand

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