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...this quote is thieved from a Slackware motd - Duct tape is like The Force, it has a light side, a dark side and it holds the universe together. smiley - smiley Apt.
BCNU - Crescent

Duct = Gaffa

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When I spent time in the theatre and helping out at Gigs, here in the UK we called the substance you describe as 'Gaffa Tape'. A Brand name over here, I think, or it could be because the Gaffer (or boss) of the production always had a reel of it around his wrist or hanging from his tool belt.

Futher on the stag night suggestion:
Strip the 'stag' naked then place his hands together as if praying. Then wrap a strip of tape around the individual pairs of fingers, index stuck to index, ring finger to ring finger, etc., and make sure you don't forget those thumbs. Cheaper than handcuffs and much more fun to watch the stag attempt to remove the tape. If you are really cruel you could handcuff him too!!

Kylan and Pete I hope you read this, your turns are coming around very soon!!



So many uses...

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Ford Escort

Having also spent time in the theatre, it has become apparent that the many uses of gaffa tape aren't limited to sticking wires down and the like. I have seen instances where lighting rigs have been supported by this most versatile tool. I'm sure there are also cars on the road that would fall apart if the glue suddenly failed, there is that much tape holding them together.

So many uses...

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R#35555(Dust and Lint Department)

My medieval recreation group would cease to exist with out duct tape for emergency armor repairs.

So many uses...

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Boys and Cake Girl

The Viking catalogue sells a brand called Elephant tape and the charming little blurb describes it as a 'tool on a roll.'!

Duct = Gaffa

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Duct tape and the so called "Gaffa" tape are actually two different substances. Gaffer's tape gets its name because it is used by the gaffer, whose job it is to tape wires to the floor so that they are not saftey hazards. The difference between gaff tape and duct tape is that gaff tape "breathes," that is, it allows water to evaporate from underneath it. Because of this property, it forms a stronger bond and holds for longer than duct tape, making it actually a more useful product.

So many uses...

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cloughie(Patron Saint of Flying Pigs)stop by my barbecue! A520318

who is ford escort, and why is he so far away?

Duct = Gaffa

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Martin Harper

Nah, the best method has to be the "hog tie" - hands behind back, feet bent up to meet the hands, and all 4 limbs wrapped together in tape (or string, or whatever).

Why just handcuff someone when you can leave them completely helpless? smiley - winkeye

Luke Rhinehart - rolling helplessly around on the floor

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