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Duct Tape = Gaffer Tape

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For those of you involved in film, theatre and (live) music, or generally in Britain, we all know this stuff as Gaffer Tape, don't we?
The term comes from the film industry, I think, as that is the label applied to one of the jobs - Lighting, I think. Perhaps someone who works as a Gaffer could let us know what they do with all their tape!

Duct Tape = Gaffer Tape

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Yvonne aka india

I sometimes see Gaffer run through on film credits, and only knowing it in a 'head bossman geezer' sort of context, found it quite strange. Does your post mean that it's an actual job?

Duct Tape = Gaffer Tape

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Oh yes, it's a real job OK, I've worked as a driver for film units before, and I think the job is that of the chief Lighting Technician, either that or he's the Best Boy and it's the Electrician. I forget. Sorry!

By the way, I think my request for film people to tell us who they are may have been a bit optimistic, cos they work all hours of the day (for the light), so we shouldn't expect any feedback there!

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