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Duct tape in hostage situations

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Frankie Roberto

You don't seem to mention what first springs to my mind when I think of duct tape, the use of duct tape in action films. It seems to be used both as a shutter-upper (for want of a better word), across the mouth, and as a quick handcuff...

Duct tape in hostage situations

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Frankie Roberto

Oh and the second use that comes to my mind is the use of duct tape in bondage situations (though I cant personally verify this)...

Duct tape in hostage situations

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Actually, my unedited entry mentioned tying people up and covering their mouths besides, but the editors nixed it. Too hostile?

Duct tape in hostage situations

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Frankie Roberto

Maybe it should be updated then...

Duct tape in hostage situations

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Researcher 230802

I agree with this discussion forum that when I think of duct tape what comes to mind is using it to restrain people by tying them up and covering their mouths, as can be seen in dozens of movies (and also what I have seen happen on various stag nights!). Duct tape is obviously a great tying and gagging device - but will this assertion get past the editors?! I don't think that this is a hostile view - its just a matter of fact. Movies where we see duct tape used like this include:

A Few Good Men - 2 marines do a code red on a fellow marine and truss him up and gag him with duct tape

Mission Impossible II - Ethan (played by Tom Cruise) gags one of the baddies with duct tape

Scream I - at the beginning Drew Barrymore's boyfriend is duct taped to a chair before being gutted, and later in the film Neve Campbell's father is produced bound and gagged with duct tape.

Anyone else think of other movies where duct tape is used in hostage/restraint situations?

Cheers all


Duct tape in hostage situations

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Al Johnston

The Abyss

Michael Biehn's character says "I've wanted to do this for a long time" before applying ~4" of duct tape to Mary-Elizabeth Mastrantonio's mouth.

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