A Conversation for Henry II - the 'First' King of England

It baffles me too...

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But then I already had heard of Henry II. Quite why Richard I was so exalted I have no idea... maybe it was because he was the King who spent the least amount of time here smiley - winkeye

Very interesting article though. Thanks for writing it smiley - ok

It baffles me too...

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was eleanor his queen a help in any way to him and in decision making?

It baffles me too...

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From what we can gather, Eleanor was a very astute 'First Lady', with a wide range of contacts and influences across Europe. When Eleanor and Henry's relationship soured, much of his personal influence was reduced, leaving him somewhat isolated and in a much weaker position.

I've sometimes compared Henry, Eleanor and their family to the relationship of the key characters in the fabbo soap opera 'Dynasty', with Henry and Eleanor taking the Blake and Alexis roles, Richard the Lionheart as the sometimes-gay son Steven, and evil Adam as Bad Prince John! smiley - biggrin


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