A Conversation for Henry II - the 'First' King of England

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I personally like Henry II for the number one spot since he was the first to actually try to make order from chaos and succeeded rather well. What I do not understand is how the English could vote Henry VIII as anything but one of the worse. I admit it was not a bad thing to dismantle the Church such as it was, but he threw the country into such turmoil and hatred that England suffered. He had not done it for his divorce as widely claimed but for its wealth and then he just wasted it. He did nothing good with the money and kept most for his friends and himself, not to relieve the people of England of their burdens. Do the English still hate the Catholics so much that they cannot see the harm that man did? Or I guess as more likely they really do not know what happened during that time and just sort of ignore it except for a Shakespeare version.smiley - bubbly

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greatest king

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