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Budapest sights

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It's been a while since I've been there (8 years) but I remember Budapest as the most beautiful city I've seen. The parlaiment building is absolutely beautiful, and there is a cathedral directly across the river that is absolutely breathtaking. The night lights in Budapest are beautiful, especially one bridge (whose name I have forgottten).
I would love a reminder on these names, by the way.

Budapest sights

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The view upriver from Elizabeth Bridge is probably the most beautiful city/river scene in Europe, if not the world. On the left you have the Castle District, with the Castle, the Fisherman's Bastion and the Mattias Church all stunningly illuminated. This is balanced by the Parliament on the right bank and, linking the two, the Chain Bridge (Lanchid in Hungarian) which is also well lit-up. Everytime I drive across the Danube at night I think how lucky I am to live here.

Budapest sights

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Bruce from the University of Woolloomooloo

I stayed in Budapest and travelled through Hungary in the early 90's - courtesy of my father's family. I can attest to how lovely Budapest was, but found quite a few rather tragic examples of the Soviet-style of housing and industrial design.

There's a rack-railway that leads to a scenic railway that runs up to a hill overlooking the city - you pass through a forest. That's well worth the visit.

The other spot I really loved was the castle of Visograd on the Danube. We stopped off at a village/town nearby with a fair and markets with huge bunches of chillies and garlic - very authentic.

Budapest sights

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Ha, I live just under that children's railway. I drive past it everyday on my way to work.


Budapest sights

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As a whole, Budapest is the most beautiful city i have ever visited. Well, have to admit, that i still have couple of cities to go but that is another story smiley - smiley
Only thing which bothers me in Budapest are those graffitis made by some badly behaving immature wannabe rebels. They have ruined many old, beautiful walls and other types of sights in Budapest with their "artistic" writings. Of course Budapest is not the only city suffering from these but in some way it disturbs there more than any other city.
I'm going there again after one week from now, yippee...

Budapest sights

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Trout Montague

I have a story in my journal regarding a Bulgarian girl called Julia, the train from Trieste and a Wendy-House in Budapest.

Watch this space.

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