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The A-Team

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nyquil driver

Ahh, the A-team. Flagbearers of justice. Drivers of a big GMC van. Who could resist their charm, their grace, their bullet-proof sheet-metal laden pintos and backhoes.

This entry makes me proud. Proud like Hannibal when a plan has come together and some little no name child actor has been reunited with his or her estranged ex-convict brother/uncle/father.

I feel woozy just thinking about it.

Hail to you on job well done. This entry rocks. Its creators rule.

All I want to know is this: How come Michael Knight never ran into the A-Team? And, why didn't they ever bump into Jim Rockford and Quincy down at the diner. And, where were Ponch and John during all this tom-foolery?

Somebody do Starsky and Hutch some justice okay..?

The A-Team

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Thank you smiley - smiley Next stop Airwolf (well maybe smiley - smiley
BCNU - Crescent

The A-Team

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Mad Obadiah the Sane

An excellent entry indeed, nyuil driver, with some very good questions - others have wondered about Regan and Carter's ability to avoid a confrontation with Inspector Dixon when both their shows were shot in the same area of London.

Ah, yes...Starsky and Hutch. Brilliant. Until the last series that is, when Captain Dobie was written out. HOW DARE THEY!

Ah yes, the A-Team and some curious omissions from the article - can anybody remember and comment on:-

Tim Dunigan (the original FaceMan) Amy, Frankie Santana, General Stockwell, the theme tune (which sounded almost exactly the same as the 'Magnum' theme tune, the 'Rockford Files' theme tune and probably a few hundred others (except for the final arrangement for which someone should have been shot)) and what happened to Colonel Lynch?

The A-Team

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I had a friend who ran an A-Team role playing game at one point. This followed the template almost exactly, including the players having to sing the theme tune at begining, end, and surrounding the ad break. I believe they had to sneek into an office block, and then escape off the roof in a helicopter. Going back out the front door was just not an option. smiley - smiley

The A-Team

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Boys and Cake Girl

There's a man down my road who still has his van painted like The A-team's. He'd love that.

Das A-Team

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Researcher 112917

The A-Team dubbed into German is very funny (I don't understand most of it from what they say, just from my childhood memories)smiley - smiley
Ich liebe wenn ein Planung funktioniert! smiley - smiley

& for those English speaking?

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The A-Team was cool!! Memories were brought back there!

"Ich liebe wenn ein Planung funktioniert"? "I love it when a plan comes together" (at a guess)

the cool van

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For those of you who ever wondered what befell the A-Team van (that is, the black one with the red stripe, not the homemeade armored personnel transport vehicle), it can be found in the backlots of Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Take the tram tour and they'll point it out to you on the right. They say that someday a director will need an old van and it'll be painted a different color to be reused, but of course we know they could never get rid of such a tourist attraction. It would be like getting rid of the Delorean from "Back to the Future"!

the cool van

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Y'know those portable offices used typically by construction and maintenance workers that are covered in graphitti? Well, there is one that pops up every now and then in my area with "The A Team" in messy, red spray paint on the side of it. It always catches my eye and for a moment I think "It's there! I've found their hide-out" but then reality takes me in it's salivating jaws once more and I am left hollow by the sudden departure of this intense day-dream, able to continue on my way down the street, my facade of a normal person connecting imperceptably once more.

the cool van

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Yea the A-team (printed in bullet shots with appropriate machine gun sound) rule!
Millions of rounds of ammo, and i dont even remember anyone getting shot, let alone killed. (unless you count the cars, which at least one or two would flip, explode, or some other way mangled, which would often lead to it donating parts to the final Device)
I always wanted to get a van like that when i grow up, (or Face's 'vette!)

the cool van

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I just read the article, cool, its just how I remember it! nice one!
I actually know someone who is the spitting image of murdock and just as insane! smiley - smiley

the cool van

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During tthe show's life each of the members of the A team was shot at least once, just like they all fell in love once, but had to give up the girl due to their underground life smiley - smiley
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Ich liebe......

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Researcher 112917

yes, it means 'I love it when a plan comes together'
Well literally (translating word by word) it means 'I love when a plan functions'!! smiley - smiley

Ich liebe......

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AXR (empty)

BTW it's "Plan" not "Planung" smiley - smiley

"Ich liebe es, wenn ein Plan funktionert", for those who are interessted

Ich liebe......

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Researcher 112917

Maybe it is, but that's not what it sounds like they're saying!
Admittedly I should have had my literal translation as 'planning' not 'plan'.
I shall listen harder next time I'm in the Fatherland and check it out again. smiley - smiley

The A-Team

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nyquil driver

regan? carter? dixon?

you're losing me baby. i only had five channels growing up and i don't remember those people. i remember reagan, carter and nixon, but only by association ie:. movies, peanuts/habitat for humanity, and the victory sign.

thanks for dropping by... i thought i'd never get out of my little cyber corner by the wall...

colonel lynch lived on a sphagetti farm in Louisiana until the age of 87 when he passed away in his sleep while driving a flaming pontiac over a cliff into a nunnery where a dozen girl scouts were visiting for the day... there wasn't much left besides a few melty mint wafers.

The A-Team

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nyquil driver

whoa... how'd that get down there.

the colors, the colours...

The A-Team

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daiquiri king

great article on the A team. i'd been researching some of the stuff for a proposed a-team tour of rollercoaster (stag do - don't ask) which is now a bit wasted as we've decided to go as pantomime animals (as i said - don't ask).

however the point i wanted to make was that i've listened to the theme tune recently and the helicopter noise appears to be more like a machine gun. this was confirmed by my flat mate who remembers that the title was "shot away" at the same time.

The A-Team

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I know, I have already pointed this out to the sub ed. Unfortunatly there is a long back log so nothing has been done yet smiley - sadface
BCNU - Crescent

The A-Team

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er...actually, there is the sound of a chopper at the start of the A-Team theme, just as the intro. is being narrated. The sound of gunfire comes later, at which point the title is blown away. I have it on mp3, and can mail it to anyone if they like. Please leave an e-mail address. But it is 1.47Mb...

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