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For anyone who has never seen the A-Team, the plot summary within this guide is really acurate. Every episode is just like that.

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

The only thing that it doesn't mention is all the shooting where no one ever gets hit. I thought it was kind of dangerous way to show gun play.

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I was going to mention the 'concluding gun battle where both sides use automatic weaponry, bombs, and light ordnance and yet there's nary even a flesh-wound' syndrome too.

I think Melinda Culea played the original journo character but I couldn't tell you (ie I couldn't bothered to look on the IMDB to find out) the names of all the other 'fifth members'.

You might want to mention Robert Vaughn's regular spot in the final series as the team's new boss...

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

That reminds me, wasn't there a Colenel Decker that was always chasing them?

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I think there was more than one. First of all there was a character called Lynch, who was replaced by Decker(I believe the actor was called Lance LeGault).

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D-Mo: King Sporan Farmer and Keeper of small pieces of pink putty called Gerald

Is it just me, though, or did the A-Team get a bit crap when they were working for someone else. On the subject, though, weren't their names 'cleared' when they were working for Robert Vaughn? I can't remember exactly.

Also who remembers the Battlestar Gallactica 'nod' in one of the episodes (and subsequent opening titles) featuring a Cylon and a glimmer of recognition from 'Face-man'?

I seem to recall lots of green army jeeps being turned over by sticks of dynamite made from gunpowder and sawdust in nearly every episode, too.

Ah, sweet memories!

So true.

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Mister Matty

as well as the gunfighting where no-one get hit. It was also quite common for the baddies to escape in a car at the end of the episode. At the end of the pursuit, their car would do a jump, spin in mid air and crash in it's roof. The baddies would still crawl out, only to get beat-up by Hannibal.

Not a very realistic show smiley - winkeye

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the Mighty Frankfurter

And the dugadugadugadugadugaduga bit at the start wasn't a helicopter, it was the sound of bullets shooting the shape of "The A-Team" at the intro screen. There WAS a helicopter sound but it chuggachugga'd during the blurb "In 1972 etc etc..."

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Pan, the piper at the gates of dawn

There were four shots, with pictures of the four members of the team inserted in the 'bullet' holes, but didn't that occur at the end of the theme?

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There was a sort of percussive bassline running under the intro spiel that went a bit like 'Dig-a-dum-dut-dut-dur-dig-a-dum-dum-dum' before the strings all swept in and went 'Dah-da-dah, da-da-duh...' ect.

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Chris (no, the other one)

Yes, to Awix you listen.

I caught a repeat of the A-team a while ago. They had slightly changed the intro - 1972 now being rather a long time ago - so it started "10 years ago, a crack commando unit...".

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So true.

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