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A couple of things

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Good article. Not too wordy, I like. A coupel of things though,

Probably worth mentioning that when hannibal had ideas they would usually call it "The Jazz"

BAs Van was a 1982 GMC custom Van.

Face briefly had a corvette, Some se ethsi as an attempt to set up a Face spin off show.

Where are tehy now. Notably Dwight Shultz (Murdock) who is now playing Reg Barclay in Star trek.

Hope this helps a bit

A couple of things

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Eusebio - squad number 11

Wasn't there a good looking woman ... or was that just my teenage dreaming smiley - winkeye

A couple of things

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There was indeed. A couple, possably three different good looking women. Can't remember their names, they were ussually a legitamate operator for the team.

A couple of things

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Were the Sweeny team son!
I'm gonna shoot you a hell'u'va lot...you TART!
Get your Moheekan on son, YOUR NICKED!
My Granadas' fast FOOLS!

"If you've got a shoota, and nobodys nicked you, you'll get a call from...THE SWEENEY TEAM!!"
. .
. . . .
. . .

A couple of things

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Researcher 33337

Shame shame, Aren't we going a little off topic. Even though the sweeney is damn cool.

A couple of things

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There were two female sidekicks: Amy Amanda Allen and Tawnia...Roberts, I think. I can't remember her last name. They were both reporters. Amy stuck around until partway through the second season, when she got married and then received an overseas assignment. Tawnia took her place for a while. She was really annoying and didn't do very much, as I recall.

There was also a male sidekick, Frankie Santana, who joined the Team in season 5. He was a Hollywood special effects artist who'd worked with Hannibal--he basically got roped into joining the Team after helping them out on a mission for Stockwell, who (I think) threatened his father if he tried to leave.

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