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Rock on

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Surely one of the greatest bands of their genre?!

Oh yes my friend!!!

To use an old AC/DC phrase:
"For those about to rock - We salute you!"

You wanted the best, you've got the best...

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Jimi X

The hottest band in the world, KISS!!

I remember in the 70s, me and my mates would always argue over which of the guys was the coolest...

It had to be Gene looking back on it all now. Though at the time, I thought Ace was really rockin'!

Good entry! smiley - smiley

- X

You wanted the best, you've got the best...

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Bass guitar shaped like an axe, demonic costume and make up, spitting blood from on high, and who could forget that tongue smiley - winkeye
Gene Simmons, God of Thunder!

When I saw them as part of the 3D Psycho Circus Tour. You could really tell that they were getting on in years, especially Ace. The show was very good, in that the 3D parts were both some of the live action on stage and pre-done footage (CGI stuff). As a well practiced part, when Paul Stanley told everyone to put the glasses on and look at the screens, he then flicked a plectrum at the cameras - and yes you did duck smiley - smiley

It's a shame though that people don't believe me when I say that seeing Kiss has to have been one of the best SHOWS I've seen. Part gig, part theatre, they ROCK.

You wanted the best, you've got the best...

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I have to admit, I've never been a Kiss fan. But I remember growing up in the seventies and how much influence they had on pop culture. I remember being in a record store with my parents when I was six and seeing the latest Kiss album on the shelf. Four guys were on the cover in outlandish make-up.

"Mommy, Daddy, Lets' get that one!"
"No." My parents were more partial to Simon and Garfunkel and such.

Then I remember a few years later Kiss got their own TV show. My parents made me change the channel. After seeing them shoot lasers out of their eyes and other goofy stuff I figured it was for the best. I also remember them being the target of a few jokes in the eighties, but not nearly as many as the BeeGees. Lately they've been active again and I'm starting to enjoy their music. It's not very musical, but it's fun to listen to.

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Not only have they started making music and touring again, quite a number of the current crop of rock bands cite Kiss as one of their influences.

As a show of how far ingrained the image of the four members in their costumes and make-up is, consider the video for Let Me Entertain You, by the young popster Robbie Williams. He was dressed up in big spangly costume, with make up that bore a passing resemblance to Kiss...

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My husband has been a dedicated fan of the greatest band in the world since he was very young and thus I have been exposed to all of their albums, videos, clips, memorabilia, merchandise etc and I would like to say that this has enriched my life. They are a unique blend of personalities that have learnt and grown from all of their ventures and Paul and Gene have continued to keep sight of their limits, goals and objectives throughout their 30 year career. They care about their fans and always put on a stage show to remember. Although we live in Australia and KISS have only toured here three times in my life-time, I have been to ten of their concerts and they were definately worth every penny (would have loved to see the 3D concerts from the Physco-Circus tour but it didn't come here smiley - sadface ). Basically what I am trying to say is that KISS are an excellent band and have changed the music industry forever!

You wanted the best, you've got the best...

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Bertie Wooster

I was at one of the Psycho Circus Tour shows and I must say that the old farts still pretty much had the hang of it. Peter Criss was ok, but I can't imagine why they let him perform a solo on the drums. He's lost it. And Ace was staggering about on stage, in his usual fashion. I'm sure he was sober, but that's how he does it. Paul was acting silly, a 50 year old bloke wiggling his ass like a teenager and saying things like "Aaaaaaaallright Stockholm" and "Let's see if your louder than the people from last night, lemme hear you say Yeah". And Gene waggled around, waving that tongue of his and pointing at us all the time, or at least when the bassroll didn't need him to do an actual chord, which seems to happen a lot.

Ok, so they say now that come end of May, Kiss has made it's final show. I think that is way overdue. I love the guys, but don't push it too hard...

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The Iron Maiden

Did someone say last show? Ha ha ha! I'll bet if Gene and Paul found a way to bring themselves back as zombies they'd keep the KISS machine rolling and touring long after they died...

Something I love about KISS is the sheer unashamed commercialism of it. I once decided I would never buy a KISS album on these grounds - I still stand by that, I just had a mate burn their Greatest Hits on CD-R and if I want more I'll go into a second-hand record shop! You really can't question the integrity of two guys who make no attempt to hide the fact it's all for the money. I love the way they go about it. The image, the old-school mystique, the few kick-ass songs I've heard...it's all good!

You wanted the best, you've got the best...

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I think Paul would argue more for the fact that from HIS perspective its about the 'art' and entertainment of it, and less about the money....

And being in the world's longest running tribute to KISS : 'DRESSED TO KILL' (I play 'Paul'), Id have to agree...........

* )


smiley - run

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