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Smacked by Paul

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The Duke of Dunstable

I used to be a devoted Kiss-fan, from 1975 up until when they washed their faces. So when the reunion came about I of course felt nostalgic and went to a show. Good show, I credit that. But all people with insight and knowledge kept handing out alarming information, that two of the original members were actually hired and not equal members of the band. Even Peter and Ace implied something to that effect in various interviews. That pissed me off, so I asked Paul Stanley (guitarist and lead singer), why this was. And he said:

"Dear Duke, with all due respect how could you possibly know what you are talking about? The inner-workings of a band are so intricate and private that what you or anyone else might surmise or hypothesize has so little basis. Let me say that out of respect for those mentioned and those not, I would not offer an answer. Nor would I validate your assumption. Thanks just the same!"

Ouch! But hey, it's his duty to get all huffy when asked that kind of questions, even if they're true...

Smacked by Paul

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This is by NO means 'personal', but what annoys me sometimes is that 'fans' imagine they are owed explanations by a band or its members for why they take certain decisions (creative or otherwise) - you certainly wouldnt take/act on the opinion of Dave down the pub on whom you should marry, or what colour to paint your lounge....

Peter quit, after being part of the band for less long a tenure than his (arguably far more able) replacement Eric Carr, and Ace left after becoming apparently disillusioned with the bands' direction - the band, led By founder members Gene and Paul; HAD to take the band in a certain direction due to Frehley's lack of consistency and reliability (later exemplified on a later tour of the 'reunited' band!). Both were then given the opportunity to make a shedload of dollars on the name of KISS (which Gene and Paul had striven to keeep good in the intervening period), so unsurprisingly Gene and Paul were not about to let two guys with very questionable attitudes (and previous/current addictions) rejoin on an 'equal' footing. Would you let 2 ex addicts (due in most part to success and fame) rejoin YOUR band/organisation and let the impending success get to them AGAIN, with the added legal crap to deal with if it became unworkable? Peter tried to hold KISS to ransom prior to a tour of Australia and Eric Singer had to step in. That displays an horrendous lack of professionalism on the part of Mr Criss for letting fans (and himself) down.

The earlier sitaution I referred to involving Ace was that he miseed TWO flights to a show, and had to be flown there privately. That kind of hassle any band can do without, let alone one that has a worldwide audience, and despite negative opinions on its marketing and merchandising strategy, has seldom cancelled a show.

A bands inner workings are not privvy to 'us' that watch, and neither should they be.
Ive been a fan since before The Elder came out, and Ive been in bands for over 20 years. I know the kinda bullshit that goes on between bands, their members, promoters, managers etc - with a band as big as KISS, I times what Ive experienced a million-fold; and let them alone.

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