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Burnt Norton

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Behind Burnt Norton

Long ago in the early 70s, I was for a short while into Zen meditation.
That was the calming of the mind to see truths or whatever.
So anyway during my meditations I would sometimes see short visions,
Lasting no more than a few seconds.
The thing that fascinated me most of a vision was the clarity of it.
Everything was so clear, I would seek a vision just to see the clarity.
My normal vision is 20-20 but in a vision everything was like at least twice as clear.
During this period of my life, I guess I had about 10 visions.
(By the way I never took LSD or other drugs, I was too scared of that stuff)
Anyway, about 6 of the visions were during meditation and the others were
when I was asleep.
The difference between a dream and a vision was the immense clarity of it.
This one night I had this vision. And as usual I just looked and enjoyed it.
Well, it was a few months later in a college literature class we read some of the writings
of T. S. Eliot.
Well, I read Burnt Norton and I was so very shocked.
I could not get over it.
Either Eliot had a similar vision or someone had told him theirs.
I never bought it up anywhere for fear people might think I was a
little off in the head.


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Burnt Norton

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