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the 'extra' actors

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I think one of the things that makes the Carry Ons so great is the 'background' actors-like Derek Francis, Valerie Leon, David Lodge, Cardew Robinson etc-i.e. the ones you don't immediately think of as 'the team'.
It's also great fun 'spotting' this bunch in other films/tv-from Doctor Who to The Persuaders, The Avengers to Robin's Nest.

the 'extra' actors

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I think my favourite out of the 'extras' is the lovely tiny dotty old lady Esme Cannon, who's mostly in the very early films. She gets shown across the road by PC Kenneth Williams in 'Constable', plays ping-pong (and ends up knocking her ball into Sid James' mouth) in 'Cruising' and has a pretty big role in 'Cabby' as Hattie Jaques' mate.

Wonderful character actress.


the 'extra' actors

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She's fantastic isn't she?

Her top line IMO-is her reaction to the request for a 'substitute' in Regardless-where she tells the client (politition) that they are a respectable business-and don't do that sort of thing! smiley - rofl

the 'extra' actors

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the third man(temporary armistice)n strike)

The Dr Who connection id very apparent in the first film - Carry On Sarjeant. The man in question was of course William Hartnell.

the 'extra' actors

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Indeed Thirdman-

Jon Pertwee-Cleo, Cowboy, Screaming and Columbus

followed by Derek Francis-The Romans

Bernard Bresslaw-The Ice Warriors

Joan Sims-Trial of a Timelord

Bernard Cribbens-Dalek Invasion of Earth movie.

Peter Butterworth-The Meddling Monk (another Timelord)

and many more I'm sure!

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