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Carry On Columbus

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the third man(temporary armistice)n strike)

The last one made, it was a bit of a cash-in on the 500 year celebrations of Columbus voyage of 1492. It had many of the newer stars of British comedy, but it failed and was in my opinion the worst of all the Carry On films. Without the old-stagers 'music hall' craft it was empty and flat. A sad waste of talent really.

Carry On Columbus

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I haven't seen this one all the way through, but what I have seen was very disappointing. I'd agree that it was a waste of talent. I did enjoy the fact that the Native Americans all spoke with a Brooklyn Accent, but other than that it was, as you rightly say, flat.

Carry On Columbus

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Mol - on the new tablet

It was a huge disappointment - the only funny moment came near the start, when Jim Dale was trying (unsuccessfully) to unroll a large map. It was too *knowing* - I like Julian Clary, but he does make Kenneth Williams seem subtle by comparison. Shame really, because it was a good idea and a promising cast. Sigh.


Carry On Columbus

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I agree-

But-and it's a big but (fnarr fnarr!)
It gets better with age...Watching it now, atleast it does have some of the original members to lift it up...You can't write about this without it sounding smutty can you?
Anyway-it's not that bad-nothing like as good as the rest but...it's OK. sorta.

Carry On Columbus

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Oh! Just remembered my favourite line of dialogue from this film. Rebecca Lacey (Chiquita) is peering over the edge of Columbus's ship in the middle of the night. Jack Douglas comes up behind her and warns her against thinking about going for a swim.

"I wouldn't if I were you, miss. I've heard that these waters are full of man-eating sharks."

"Oh no!" she replies. "So if I fell in, do you think they'd swallow me hole?"

"No, I believe they spit that bit out," he replies, deadpan.

How rude!


Carry On Columbus

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Carry On Columbus was a welcome return to the traditional Carry On Film after the two previous much poorer films of the 70's, Carry On England and Carry On Emmannuelle.Carry On Columbus was not that bad a film what it did fail to do was marry the comediennes of the day with the surviving Carry On Team.The time was not quite right to bring back the series. The hip, up to date comediennes were too politically biased and didn't look comfortable in a Carry On Film most of all Julian Clarey.The older stars such as Jack Douglas and Leslie Phillips were sadley not used to the best of their potential.

The film itself underwent some dramatic editing which spoiled the overall final result. Peter Rogers is famously reported to have said that the days filming and playback had everyone in histerics, unfortunately after the distributors and editors had messed around with it, it bared little resemblence to the envisaged product.

That said Carry On Columbus marked an upturn in the Carry On series which would have meant if a further film had been made a welcome return to the heyday was likely. This for whatever reasons has not yet happened, however with Carry On London already on the drawing board and looking increasingly more likely to be made this may well prove to be the return long awaited for.

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