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Favourite Carry On film?

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

I was surprised by how much more I enjoy the early, black-and-white films. When it gets into the colour films some of them become a little TOO silly for me. I really like Carry On Cabby, where the set-up of a critique on gender roles in society is played out with women 'doing it for themselves', only to be slightly undermined when the feminist tirade ends because Hattie Jacques' character discovers she's pregnant - what she's always wanted (awww). The relationship between her and Sid James is actually quite charming, despite the bickering. The film also features a scene-stealing cameo from the beautiful Amanda Barrie (who returned as the eponynmous star of Carry On Cleo a long time before she captured the Nation's heart as Alma in Coronation Street) as a rather naive cabie who enters a roadside cafe to ask for directions and sends all of the men drooling...

The one colour film I really do love is ... At Your Convenience. There's the usual collection of scalogically-obsessed smut and punning, but again it's the relationship between Sid James and his co-worker Joan Simms that really makes it. Both of them are trapped in marriages that they want to escape from, but at the end of the film they do the 'right thing' and avoid an affair because they don't want to hurt their spouses. A bitter-sweet end to the film and one that shows a lot more maturity than some of the more farcical episodes.

Favourite Carry On film?

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I enjoy most of the Carry On's. The earlier ones are better in my eyes. Me other half never fails to point out that some of the scences are filmed in and around Windsor/Maidenhead area - especially Carry on Cabbie and the Carry On with Hattie Jacques and Sid James running a marriage bureau. He always points out to me scenes filmed in Windsor train station.smiley - wah Filmed in the area mainly because it was near to the film studios.

smiley - cheers

Favourite Carry On film?

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As a child, I really liked 'Carry on Screaming' because I thought Oddbod Junior was cute. I think I liked all of them as a child/teenager, apart from 'Carry on at Your Convenience', which I've never found even remotely funny, although I don't know why. It always seemed to be all toilets and no jokes.

I couldn't pick a favourite but 'Carry on Camping' and 'Carry on Cleo' are fondly remembered (I always liked the scene where Amanda Barry is rolled out of the carpet in a far less ceremonious manner than she had hoped). Also 'Carry on Up the Khyber', particularly the scene where they all eat dinner whilst being shelled by the enemy - Peter Butterworth's terrified performance still makes me laugh.

The best thing about all carry on films is probably Sid James' trademark dirty laugh.

Favourite Carry On film?

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Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

Carry on Cleo, Carry on Up The Jungle and Carry on Up the Kyber are my favourites

Favourite Carry On film?

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

I love the earlier, black and white ones too, like Cabby, Nurse, and especially Regardless, mostly because it has Stanley Unwin in it - "Flabberblock" "Flabberblock?" "Flabberblock" smiley - laugh

There were plenty of good later ones though, and they went to colour quite early on, like Cruising, which I think was 1962. Up The Khyber is one of their best, Up The Jungle isn't far behind, and Carry On Doctor and Carry On Again Doctor are some of the best work they ever did smiley - bigeyes

Favourite Carry On film?

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Mu Beta

Don't Lose Your Head has always been my favourite. Worth it for all the 'balls' puns.


Favourite Carry On film?

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

Let's not forget Carry On Cowboy either smiley - ok

Favourite Carry On film?

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Mol - on the new tablet

Reefgirl has probably identified my very favourites, but it's difficult to choose!

Carry On films were about the only thing we sat down to watch on TV as a family when we were kids (my parents not being into blockbusters or musicals), and I love them partly I think because of that. We could all find something funny in them, and the sexual references were either completely obvious (eg, Barbara Windsor exercising her bra across the campsite) or over the heads of young children (we liked Sid James's laugh because it sounded funny, completely failing to appreciate what it was generally conveying).


Favourite Carry On film?

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Carry on Screaming, simply for the Kenneth Williams line
"Frying tonight!" as he falls into a big vat of molten wax.

And I LOVE Charles Hawtry as Dan Dan the Gardeing Man working in the mens toilets where he's drowned in one of the loos.

Favourite Carry On film?

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Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

I do like Carry On Follow That Camel it's just so silly

Favourite Carry On film?

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like most i watched the carry on's growing up as a child and loved them ever since. some of my favourites are carry on at your covenience, girls, abroad, henry & dick, but by far the best must be carry on cabby(move over & give us a bit of room mate). But has anyone seen the made for tv series like orgy & bess & the screaming winkles, these can be hard to come by but i got mine off E-BAY. It's a pity there were'nt more of these films made as i could sit & watch them over & over again.smiley - ok

Favourite Carry On film?

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Carry On Screaming's a beauty.
Carry On Henry-who knows all they know about history thanks to this?
Matron, loving, at your convenience.
All of them!

Favourite Carry On film?

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Can't choose.

What was the one with "The Black Fingernail" and all the powdered wigs 'n stuff?smiley - laugh

Carry On Screamingsmiley - wow with the wonderful Harry Corbett and fabulous Fenella Fielding.
I thought Odd Bod Jnr was pretty cute too.smiley - winkeye

Carry On Cleo, I've already started a thread about that one!!

Was it Carry On Matron when Hattie Jacques tried to seduce Kenneth Williams, smiley - somersault "Underneath all this, I am a woman!"smiley - rofl


Favourite Carry On film?

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The one with "The black fingernail" was DONT LOSE YOUR HEAD smiley - ok

Favourite Carry On film?

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all of the TV series of Carry On laughing are on the DVDs-as extras-probably cheaper and better than what you're getting just now-and...with subtitles! smiley - silly

Favourite Carry On film?

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Carry On Abroad closely followed by Carry On Cleo. I love both these films.

Amanda Barrie is so good as Cleopatra in Cleo and Kenneths Ceaser is brilliant

In Abroad it just about had everything that typifies Carry On..The main players including Hattie, Joan, Sid and Kenny a great setting and excellent support. It just makes me laugh. The fast paced script and excellent performances make this my all time favourite Carry On Film.

Favourite Carry On film?

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My favourite Carry On film changes constantly. Depending upon mood or when I last watched a Carry On Film.

Today my favourite would be..

Carry On Cabby

I also like Abroad, Screaming, Kyber,Spying,Behind,Cleo,Columbus and Convieience so it is difficult to choose.

Favourite Carry On film?

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Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

My mum was watching Carry on Jack, I'd forgotten how good it was

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