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Navigation: it's definitely something to do with spatial reasoning that allows people to be completely incompetant at map reading. I can map-read and I can also do 3D vector geometry and handle POV-Ray's 3D space without any trouble at all. Any connection, do you think?

Parking: I may be male but I can't park. I could put it down to lack of experience though because I only passed my test on 5th November 1999. But then my Dad can park, and Mum has tremendous difficulty. She's still better at it than me though. Must be the practice she's had.


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Cheerful Dragon

Practice does have something to do with it, but I bet your mum takes longer to park than your dad does. I don't know whether you're British or not, but over here you don't get much practice at parking in driving lessons unless your driving instructor knows places where you can do it. There's also not much chance of it coming up in the driving test either; the examiner only has to test you on two out of the three manoeuvres that involve reversing, and it's not always easy to find somewhere to do the parking manoeuvre.

I passed my test in the days before Sunday shopping became legal. Back in those days my instructor knew another driving instructor who took his pupils to Sainsbury's car park on a Sunday to practice parking in parking spaces without the risk of hitting anybody. The car park was empty, the shop was closed, but the management still objected for no adequately explained reason. The instructor tried to make them see that teaching someone to park properly reduced the likelihood of an accident in a car park, but the management wouldn't accept that so the lessons had to stop.


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I think practise is as much a part as anything. I'm going to have to get a license to clutter up roads quite soon, so I shall have to get some cones and do some serious practising myself.

Very mean of the store manager, your story. Sometimes management are just petty for no good reason! P'raps they were worried about liability, people sue anybody at random these days, very sad.



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What we find is this:

1) It's impossible to adequately practice parking. My instructor tried but the opportunity just wasn't there.
2) I didn't get tested on reverse parking in my driving test - nor did anybody else I've spoken to. Not that it never gets tested of course, but I think it makes the examiners nervous
3) No matter how big the parking space is, you'll find that it's not quite as big as you thought it was, and so end up shuffling the car back and forth to get into it.


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I had a Chinese driving instructor and he showed me how to do things by what I have to line my car up with - like angles when doubling off the cushion in a game of pool. Just really simple things that are really hard when you are learning like how to judge the middle of a lane. When teaching reverse and parallel parking he placed a ruler on the dashboard and told me what to line it up with. I found that he was an excellent instructor and it helped me immensly when learning to drive.


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angel mary jane

I have to agree!! A couple of years ago, my family and I went to Chicago, Illinois for my brothers navy graduation thing. We got to Chicago at about nine or ten at night and got lost on the way to our hotel. Partly because it was snowing and the signs were covered with snow, and partly because my dad wouldn't stop and ask for directions!! We ended up driving to Wisconsin and learned that we had missed our exit quite a ways back.


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Not stopping to ask for directions by reason of pride (or for more or less any other reason barring a lack of suitable people to ask) is really silly. I learned that.
But as the article says, have a mobile phone if you're going somewhere you can ring and ask. It's a lot better than asking forty people who all give a different version of where you're supposed to be going.

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