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Big isn't it.

Size Matters

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At 586,412 square miles, yeah, I'd say it's pretty big. smiley - smiley

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Size Matters

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and under 1% of that land area is in private hands.

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Alaska Grown

Of course, some of that is corporate land. That is because of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Natives sold the mineral rights to their ancestral lands, and recieved 40,000,000 acres, as well as the rights to certain resources. (They could choose timber or fish, for example.) The land belongs to corporations, like CIRI and Artic Slope Regional Corp. People live on it though.

The cool thing is that our public lands are pretty much empty, so you can do what you want on them. Hunt, hike, camp, ect. Thank the cold that they are not backyards or parking lots. Thank ALaskans that they are not TAME.

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