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Mutually Assured Destruction

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So if ethnic group A have a weapon against ethnic group B and ethnic group B have one against ethnic group A, the most probably series of events would be:

A - Fire weapon!
B - Oh no! They're trying to wipe us out! Fire weapon!

This sounds very similar to the Cold War's nuclear-based Mutually Assured Destruction, and could well lead to the entire human race being wiped out.

Mutually Assured Destruction

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I'm counting the years, there will be a zombie apocolypse because people cant help but "experiment"

This wont be the end of the world tho, merely another story like the comet and the dinosaurs...maybe we will all die..maybe we won't

but i believe someone will create a virus much like the T-vrus from Resident Evil that will re-animate dead bodies..its just a case of making the brain create electrical signals to the musicles...this isn't really that hard to do...a simply chemical reaction could restart the brain, re-animate the body...The body wont be smart, wont talk, it'll just rip apart any living thing, use the dna and mutate....ewwww

Mutually Assured Destruction

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"but i believe someone will create a virus much like the T-vrus from Resident Evil"

Believe what you like - it's a hell of a lot more complicated than that. Yes, you can make a deceased frog's leg move using an electric pulse, but can you make it tapdance?

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