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Penguin Girl - returned at last

Were there any theories about why she was killed, at least? I've read a story based on it that had something to do with Russian spies, but I seriously doubt that's the truth.

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I don't know why I have never heard of this before now. You have definately sparked my interest.

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Penguin Girl - returned at last

Well, no matter how much we hate it, there will always be brutal murders. A good number have a nice mystery involved. Not modern ones, though. Observe the O.J. Simpson case.

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Researcher U2562781

Interesting unsolved murder case, there’s loads of other unsolved murder cases which have been known to have the suspect detained but never found guilty due to racial tension such as white jury in the 50’s in Mississippi.

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There have been brutal murders all through history. In the middle ages (as I understand it) they often had the belief in things like werewolves having attacked someone when a brutal murder occured. I mean what else could it be? Or so they thought back then. It does make some twisted logic I guess. After all what Christian man or woman could be responsible fo r such an atrocity? So they came up with the idea that a werewolf, sent by the powers of darkness, must be loose. Of course they didn't recognize things like mental illness or a bad reaction to their simple herbal medicines like we would today either. Ms. Short could just have seen the wrong thing, but then why kill her in such a brutal way? I would think a drug overdose or a bullet to the head would have done just as through a job without the mess that must have resulted when she was cut in half.

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