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Perhaps I was too easily convinced, but i TOTALLY believe that Marlowe was the author of ALL of Shakespeares works. My problem is logistics. I believe that Marlowe wrote everything from abroad, but had to have it transported back to england to be performed. I couldn't figure out HOW it wouldn't have been discovered and exposed, Manuscripts must have been cumbersome and not easily transported undetected, THEN i thought of WOMEN. i think women would be less likely to be harassed or searched. there could have been some contrivance under their skirts to carry such a lot of paper. that has been my theory since i thought of it. any other ideas?


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actually... smiley - geek

have you ever seen those cunning little complete works of shakespeare?
each play in its own little red leather bound cover...
smaller than a paperback...

those plays didnt take up that much paper


lady's skirts...
even mens breast pockets i think
or the linings of luggage

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now.... i think shakespeare was a woman smiley - yikes

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