A Conversation for American Teenage Stereotypes

I believe you missed a clique...

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Amy: ear-deep in novels, poetics, and historical documents.

..the non-clique. Well, sort of. The artist/philosophers, which I proudly see myself as. smiley - smiley FYI...

Music: everything from heavy metal to instrumental to top forties and everything inbetween.

Clothes: just "whatever" they feel like wearing. Usually a mix of all of the other cliques.

Attitude: generally very intelligent, though often considered "out there." Tend to put a lot of words in quotation marks. smiley - smiley Also are usually big in the arts, and often times in marching or symphonic band.

Hangouts: anywhere they can find that the teacher won't throw them out of. (classroom, bandroom, hallway, etc).

~Amy †

I believe you missed a clique...

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Another clique that was overlooked....actually incorporated in two others are the Rivetheads.

Music: Industrial/Apocalyptek - Die Krupps, Killing Joke, Rammstein, Frontline Assembly, Einsturzende Neubauten, Project Pitchfork

Clothes: Combat/jungle boots, fatiques and/or paramilitary clothing, jeans and T-shirts with fave bands on them.

Attitude: Outwardly arrogant and borderline punk, actually quite a nice bunch. They like to scare away the yuppie larvae and trendies.

Hangouts: Anywhere they can play their music and start a stomping circle/mosh pit - especially if it pisses off the yuppies, trendies, jocks, etc.

-- Abattoir

I believe you missed a clique...

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Irving Washington - Gone Writing

So that's what I was in in highschool! Of course, more specifically, we were the "Drama Freaks" (often confused with the "Band Nerds", as band was across the hall from drama and the groups mixed). We included semi-Goths and stoners, as the artist/philosophers as you call them often like to see themselves as rebelious.

I believe you missed a clique...

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See, that's pretty much what I consider myself as (who else in my small town American school listens to Yes?), but since it IS a small town school, I seem to be the sole bearer of the "non-clique" clique, although I'm trying to drag my friends into it. And didn't we forget the "I love Jesus" (christian rock listening preps who all go to their respective youth groups, but are not necessarily better than other people) clique? Did I sound bitter? I didn't mean to...

I believe you missed a clique...

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Fat Mammoth

There's no such this as a non-clique clique, just people who don't know how to look at them selves in terms of the snap judgements everyone else makes, I personally am a proud member of the geek clique, and am slowly drifting towards the "token-gay cliqeu"

I believe you missed a clique...

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Fat Mammoth

Note, although I just said I was a member of the Geek Clique, this is not ENTIRELY what I'm like, although I fit in a little in a LOT of places. This is however, a stereotype, which is what the article is about. Incidentally a lot of "Non-cliques" are actually Geek Cliques who no one as actually told them about yet.

Music: Music? We don't waste our time on music when we could be programming computers or playing "Dungeons & Dragons"!

Attitude: Varies, can swing from reclusive silent types (An evolved defense to avoid being picked on), to people who will follow you around all the time talking incessantly. Beneath this nerdish exterior though there is usually a quite intelligent likeable person, and usually make the best friends since, let's be honest here, they need all the friends they can get.

Hangouts: The School Library, the Computer Room, some corner where nobody else will find them.

I believe you missed a clique...

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You forgot to mention clothes.

Clothes: Mostly hand-me-downs, either from older siblings or from cousins. Regardless of how bad these clothes fit or look.

Ooh, almost forgot. Corduroy trousers.

I believe you missed a clique...

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Researcher 141376

I like to think of there being two main cliques in Hight School the Pop groups and the Outcast. Th Outcast are what I am in and I think the Outcast as this:

Clothes: Most Anything they can just so they are not nude *sometimes
Music: Depends on the person or the "sub group" but most will include most anything from "Pop" to Classic Rock to Techno to Gothic
Main thing they do: They are nicer and smater then the Popular group becuse they do not give a care what people think of them beside people who are close to them. They are smarter becuse they do not go with the flow they think for them self....though any more it can be argued that there are not really groups in High School any more but Groups of friends becuse people act like some of A and some of B. So Make your own choice

I believe you missed a clique...

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Fat Mammoth

Sounds a bit like a dumbed down Geek clique to me.

I believe you missed a clique...

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R K1024-T

They may not exist in all schools, but here are a few extra cliques and sub-cliques

The Golden People (usually sub-clique of Preps)

Music: Always what is popular. (Often, if they listen to anything, it is instantly popular)

Clothes: Almost always popular (Although if it isn't, it likely will be in a few days, as everything looks good on them)

Attitude: Two distinct Attitudes can be found. The "Innocents" tend to appear to be unaware of the power they wield. It is often best to keep on this person's good side, if possible

The other Attitude is the "Snob" Attitude. These people are well aware of the power they wield, and they tend to rule school society with an iron fist. In this case, You just have to go with the flow: They tend to randomly pick people to pick on.

Hang-outs: Again, the popular places, but if it isn't popular, chances are, it will be

The Sluts (sub-clique in pretty much every clique)

Music: Depends on clique

Clothes: Clique standard, but more revealing

Attitude: To Men: incredibly sensuous, practically yells "SLEEP WITH ME!!!!". To other Sluts: As if they've been best friends forever. Tend to use a particular phrase more often than necessary (In my school, it's "Cute") To non-slut Women: Always with contempt, but often hidden

Hang-outs: Where the boys hang out.

The Misfits

Music: Varied. Misfits all have different tastes.

Clothes: Tend to be plain, but can be anything. Tends to be either fashionable, or close to it.

Attitude: Tend to be depressed. They are often very smart, but incredibly humble. Tend to be the butt of jokes. Often, enjoys classical literature.

Hang-outs: At the back of the School Library. Always.

I believe you missed a clique...

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Jessie, queen of the strange - Nirvana rocks my socks!

I must be a misfit, because every free second of my school career has been spent behind the last shelf in the school library. There's a nice, secluded little spot, where no one can see you, and it's quite comfortable (if you don't mind sitting on the floor). I've read lots of good books there.

Of course, I'm also a grunge rocker. But I tend to straddle subcultures. I have a lot of geek friends, and I'm perfectly capable of having a long argument with them about whether or not Horatio was meant to be the same person in Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet (he wasn't! they were set in entirely different time periods!). On the other hand, I've got my freaky/gothy/punky/grungy friends, and we talk about music.

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