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Atheism comes from the name Theos the name of a god. See: http://scroll.to/Yahshua


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Martin Harper

Atheism comes from "abscence of theism".
Theism may well be derived from theos initially. Not sure what you're point is... smiley - winkeye


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The point is, technically I am also an atheist but I do believe in our Heavenly Father and that He is our Creator. I DO NOT believe in addressing Him as a mere god or lord or as "theos".


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Researcher 151034

Err, well, there are some technicalities in this entry that are worth discussing.

The entry implies atheism has to rely of faith of some sort - faith that there is no god or gods. This is half wrong - or half right, if you're an optimistic chap.

Atheism can be subdivided into two categories - implicit atheism and explicit atheism. Consider the difference between lacking a belief in the Invisible Pink Unicorn and believing in the very same, most interesting deity. Since most persons haven't heard about her, they lack a belief in her. I.e they are implicit atheists, which is what the majority of atheists are. But, the act of hearing about it does not automatically transform them into explicit atheists. The very same holds true for other gods, including the Big SkyDaddy, also known as the Christian God.

Saying that an implicit atheist has faith either way is rather amusing. It's rather like arguing that baldness is a hair colour.
Saying that explicit atheists base their atheism on faith is true - to an extent. When enough scientific facts accumulate to make notions of gods contradictory or unneeded, one can apply Occam's razor, cut away with some complexity and leave the gods to do whatever it is they do when they're unemployed. Of course, there is a problem since there are infinitely many possibly gods that would need to be disproven, so the absolute statement "there are no gods whatsoever and there cannot be" would be based on faith, at least in part.

Franklin4YAHWEH, you're technically an atheist if you either lack any belief in a god or gods, in all (known) forms, or if you belive god or gods in all forms do not exist. Unless you refer to some very old dude on earth when you say Our Heavenly Father, you're probably a Christian.


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You are right on the first part of your statement but I am NOT a "christian". I am also anti-christ but I am NOT anti-Messiah. I reject the form "christ" because of it's pagan /devil worship origins in it's connection to the god chrishna.

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