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Yahweh is NOT a god. See: http://scroll.to/Yahshua


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Martin Harper

orange and purple on a green background. *far* too many quotes from the bible, inserted seemingly at random with little or no explanation. You need to check your spelling somewhat - "tinity", "dose", and "coinsidence", amongst others. Random capitalisation of whole words. Jargon such as IMITATIVE CHARACTER used without explanation. No clear explanation of what you're trying to say, just a flow of consciousness. No chapters, sections, introductions, conclusions. After skimming through it, I'm non the wiser as to why you think Yahweh is not a God, nor about any other of your beliefs. It currently looks and reads like drivel, and if you plan on telling people about it, I'd advise you made it bearably readable.

Xanthia - about to suffer an epileptic fit... smiley - winkeye

They are my notes.

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Search the MANY LINKS on the Quicknavs at the bottom of each of my pages. That is what the main purpose
of my web site is for. I am concerned with spelling and I do appeciate the corrections. My site was worse
than this when I started it. I am making correctiions as I go. "Please excuse the mess. Still under constuction".
I have many who have appeciation for my site and find it useful. I am quite aware that there are many who
would not. Hate mail is nothing new to me. There are things that you have mentioned that I have also thought
of and would like to improve on in the future . I am new to website building and cannot afford the expence to
have someone else do it. I have never said that I was perfect. I am far from it. I know that I do misspell words
and I do not use proper punctuation and etc. I was surprised that you did not give me a some kind of grade on
my work. :^)


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YAHWEH forbade His people to worship god or gods. The name/title god is derived from "Gad" which is
pronounced, "gawd". Search the MANY LINKS that are on the Quicknavs at the bottom of each of my pages.

They are my notes.

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Martin Harper

I feel it is somewhat ill advised to advertise pages that are still under construction to such a large extent. At least, if you want to have any chance of normal people understanding what the heck it is you are trying to say.

Remember what you were taught in school - every essay should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Tell the reader the outline of what you're going to say. Then say it. Then summarise the main points in what you've said, and make conclusions. That goes for webpages equally so.

IE, you might start out by saying :-

"This webpage is aimed primarily at ______ and ______ . I intend to show that Yahweh is not a god. First I will define what a "god" is. I will also briefly deal with translation issues, in particular the ______ issue. Then I will show how the bible proves that _____. I will also bring in some evidence from ____ here too. Next I will say what Yahweh actually IS if he is not a god - namely a _____ . Finally I will answer some common questions, and then summarise."

And end by saying :-

"As you can see, not only is yahweh not a God, but _______ is ______ . Clearly, for all of us here, we must ________ immediately, or _____ will ______ the _____. May ________smile on your _______ ."

Tables of Contents are also good. Fancy formatting and BLOCK CAPITALS are not.

They are my notes.

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I am aware that there are certain writing techniques that are used to better get the point
across to others. I myself am not very well educated in these techniques and I am at fault
for not paying attention in earlier school years. I just feel that all this has been done by
those whos links I have compiled on my Quicknavs at the bottom of each of my pages and
I have made this website for my own personal reference and have made it available for others to
to view if they choose to do so. Again I will make the point of the main purpose of making my
site available for others to view is to share and that they might find something of interest to
them on the links I have made available on the Quicknavs at the bottom of each of my pages.
I am not out to win website awards or praise from others. I do appeciate your taking the time
in giving advise in writing techniques. I am fully aware that I have little knowledge in communicating
and getting a point across. I am just doing the best that I know how. I am of a lower grade and I am
using this as a vehicle for learning.

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