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sinking ships

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There are no atheists on a sinking ship.
(some old saying)

sinking ships

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There are, they're just not very happy.

sinking ships

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I actually agree with Streety - I am a pantheist in the 18th century sense purely because it suits me to keep in with all divine beings.

You never know which one will be the right one and if I am wrong and there is no divine being then I look like a little bit of a fool! Which is better then most of the major religions' ideas of the underworld. smiley - winkeye

Hedging your bets

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Unfortunately this policy is flawed because for many major religions claiming to believe in all gods is as bad as claiming to believe in none. You would be better off claiming some general wishy-washy belief in some kind of deity, as this is more acceptable to a wide range of religions.

Some philosopher dude (I can't remember which now) actually tried used this argument as a reason to be Catholic, despite the fact that it clearly applied equally well to any other religion. Fascinating how dumb 'lovers of wisdom' can be.

Hedging your bets

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Oh - I am not talking about religions. No I am with Luther on this one - I am having a individual relationship with all of them! Course it gets a bit confusing with the Greek pantheon - so many to remember. Particularly with Zeus' sex drive!

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