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Concerning four-leaf clovers, I thought I'd make available a story which makes whether or not they are in fact to be considered a omen of good luck at all.
My Great-grandfather was raised on a farm, one morning when he was in his early twenties, he'd gone out to do the milking, and on his way came across a four-leaf clover, so he picked it and put it in his pocket. After getting two large buckets full of milk, he carried them back towards the house. As he neared, he noticed that the house was burning, and since the only liquid he had on hand was the buckets of milk, he carried them the rest of the way to the house, and threw them on the fire. Needless to say that wasn't enough to put out the fire, and despite his best efforts, the small house was almost completely destroyed by the fire.
So I was always told to never pick a four-leaf clover.
Just thought I'd make the point that some people have superstitions regarding the same objects, but they have varied beliefs on whether the luck caused is good or bad.

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