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Some more good and bad superstitions

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cookin' n hookin' (rugs) in the 'burbs

Good Luck:
Stepping in animal excrement, usually of the farm animal kind.
Never let your handbag, purse, or pocketbook touch the ground your luck will run out.
Red is a lucky color,especially Redheads and orange cats (also known as money cats).
When you move into a new home take a new broom and sweep all the bad luck out of the house, usually the front door.

Bad luck:
A hat thrown on the bed will mean no children will be conceived there.
A bird flying into the house and landing means death will soon come to that house.
Always leave through the same door you came in, otherwise you won't come back to that house.

These are just a few that I still remember and occasionally still follow out of habit.

Some more good and bad superstitions

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Cheerful Dragon

That one about sweeping out bad luck is interesting. I think the Chinese believe that you shouldn't sweep the house on New Year's Day, as you'll sweep out any good luck that's come to you.

Another superstition for moving to a new house is to open all the cupboards and yell into them. This has the same effect as a house-warming party - loud noises scare away evil spirits.

Some more good and bad superstitions

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cookin' n hookin' (rugs) in the 'burbs

This one I got from my brother-in-law:
Take a bath or shower in money on New Years Eve. Any denomination although the larger the bill the more prosperous your New Year will be

Happy New Year to All

Some more good and bad superstitions

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Another random thing i recently heard was bout Feng Shui (or howeva u spell it!) and ppl that follow it say that wen u move in2 a new home u shud put salt in the corners of the rooms and smiley - rose petals under the windows and door frames. Again the salt 2 scare away evil spirits and the rose petals 2 invite good luck in2 the room/s.

Love Beaver.xXx.

Some more good and bad superstitions

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This isn't so relevant, but sort of related to the Feng Shui topic anyway: If you buy second-hand clothes, you're supposed to wash them very...thoroughly, in order to wash away the previous owner's luck; you don't know whether it was good or bad. Actually, I think washing second-hand (or new) clothes is just common sense, but there you go.

Some more good and bad superstitions

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Never ever drop a brick.
It's very bad luck.
'sepecily if it falls on your foot...smiley - wah

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