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very thorough, and nice to read. I've known about these games, but have never played them after reading your article I think I might track them down.


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Lord Cartier

I've played Holy Grail and I like it.

Yes, I like the Holy Grail game...
And might I add...
I like Chinese.


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I might also be rather boring and add very nice too.

I have CWOT and Holly Grail, and find them immensly fun - especially drop dead as it makes tetris that bit more challenging.

I haven't come across the 'King Brian the Wild' bit yet (sure it's not meant to be Arthur?) but I also haven't managed to find the HOly Grail itself and that's the only thing preventing me from crossing the bridge at the end. Although I suspect this is intentional, I don't spose anyone's got any hints?

Ummm, any particular reason you didn't mention 'Catch the Cow?'

But otherwise, highly enjoyable!!

And I would also like to add
I like Chinese
They only come up to your knees


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Hawley Smoot

I have CWOT and Holy Grail. Both immensly fun. However in Holy Grail, I never could figure out how to blow up that #$@% bunny, so I've missed a lot of the humor.


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I can recall having a tonne of trouble on this one. I think the only thing to do is throw (or at least, click) the HOly Hand Grenade when he says 'five,' as it's the thrid number he says....


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Penguin Girl - returned at last

I'm just trying out HTML on this one, please tell me if it works.
Um, I believe you throw the holy hand grenade on 2, but I could be wrong. The think I really had trouble on was finding the virgin's bodice. I had everything else.


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Penguin Girl - returned at last

damn, i thought it took html tags. oh well

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