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Wand'rin star

Unless you are the goalkeeper, and thus fully padded, do not be tempted to take part in a mixed team. More broken ankles are inflicted by women on men in these shindigs than you would find on the average ski-slope.

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Yeah, I've seen my sister and her friends play hockey. They're all mild mannered. And yet went you put them on a field, give them some sticks and start calling it hockey, they all turn into vengeful violence addled maniacs.
I was quite happy to leave the game alive as a spectator.

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Its not even really safe in goal, fully padded or not, especially in mixed. the blokes tend to try to show off and try to do all sorts of fancy shots but when that doesn't work go for the powerful uncontrolled ones instead. I've been smacked around the head by men more than women whilst in goal. I'll admit that women go in for tackles harder than men in these games as the blokes "don't want to hurt the girls". Well that's the excuse the blokes I know give when a girl goes past them.

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Hockey should only be used for one purpose, getting to the bar............and as a game only takes 70 minutes it means you get there quicker than any of the other games ie football, cricket, golf...you name it. The best social game ever and in the summer you get to play mixed hockey the only difference being you dont normally wait for the end (or the start of the match) to get to the bar!!

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Little Red

Cetainly mixed hockey is the best social game in the world, and as for drinking during the game, in our team it has become compulsory to partake of a few funnels of purple nasty before stepping onto the pitch at festivals -resulting in all manner of interesting shots on goal as the entire team fuelled by the drink think they are the star centre forward! It is almost enough to stop the men on the team thinking the girls are inferior and actually pass to them!!!

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