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My apologies to all who find there are not enough details in the article about San Francisco. Of course you must realize a couple of things.

First, there are editors, and what they do is Edit (for length/content).

Second, if you feel there needs to be more information presented, I urge you to submit a seperate article on the topic.

For example: Gay Mecca- an alternative name for the city of San Francisco used by those interested in the alternative lifestyles. Or: Rice-A-Roni- a foodlike substance of unknown origin, A.K.A: "The San Francisco treat". Then, these articles could be referenced to one another, thus forming a colorful web of information and entertainment unparalleled in cyber-history. I hope to see your submissions approved and linked to "San Francisco". Naturally, not all are talented enough to be approved... For now, I will simply continue to bask in the glory of having been successful in my attempt. Feel free to visit my homepage, and if you have a chance, go to San Francisco, too!

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Things not mentioned

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