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Not even a mention of Rice A Roni?

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Or Full House? Or car chases? Or the fact that there's an entire racing game centered in San Francisco where the main target is to smash through as many glass planes as possible, and try to get enough speed in order to be able to jump on top of the buildings just because someone hid a key up there? And that all cars, for some reason, take 4 keys to start? Yeah, that's RUSH i'm talking about.

I'm talkin bout Rush. Can you dig it.

Missing details?

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Smiley Ben

If there's something missing, write about it here (and indicate clearly that it should be added) and I'm sure when this entry is updated (which may not be very soon, I'm afraid) it'll get a look in.

Missing details?

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Well, there's also those rectangular box-houses they put on sloping roads.

Not even a mention of Rice A Roni?

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Rice-A-Roni is not a San Francisco treat. I have never seen nor heard of a resident of The City (as it's known to the locals) to eat Rice-A-Roni. I had the misfortune once to smell my roommate making Rice-A-Roni, and given the odor it created, I could not understand why anyone would eat Rice-A-Roni, especially San Franciso residents who have a multitude of Chinese restaurants nearby which serve rice which is both more flavorful and cheaper.

Not even a mention of Rice A Roni?

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Hmmm, I thought wandering the aisles of my local bay area supermarket - let's try this famed ric-a-roni gear which was written about here....

Putrid strange hybrid muck is the most polite description I can come up with for the sticky mush that I scraped from the bottom of the pot.

I'm from Ireland and if I think food sucks, it must be truly awful!


Not even a mention of Rice A Roni?

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Agreed. I've lived in student housing (dorms) for two years, but Rice-A-Roni takes the cake for worst food I've ever smelled. Even dorm rice tasted better than Rice-A-Roni.


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Coconut Milkshake

I'm a native of San Francisco, and I loooooove rice-a-roni and pasta-roni. Both so good. They do have weird though, especially the Broccoli Au Gratin rice. Bright orange with specks of green. I think I'm the only one that likes the stuff, once I saw someone puke it up. Hurls. Orange goo all over the place. And as being a true San Franciscan, I will tell you things that annoy us:

Use of the word Frisco
People walking around with cameras
Tourists in general
Mayor Willie Brown

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