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Just a couple of things......

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Heleloo - Red Dragon Incarnate

dried corn should never be given to rats or mice as the chemicals in it may increase the incidence of cancers in rodents

Black sunflower seeds are fine for rats an mice, it is the grey seeds that are fattening

wood shavings should only be used as bedding if they can be certified chemical free, some wood shavings come from treated pine an the fumes given off will kill small animals

Male mice should be removed from a mother about to give birth, as he will eat the babies, unlike rats which help rear the young, mothers will eat the young if disturbed, or startled or overcrowded

otherwise a very nice entrysmiley - biggrin

Just a couple of things......

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

I am subbing this at the moment so I will mention to Niwt your comments and ask about incorporating them into the text smiley - ok

Just a couple of things......

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Heleloo - Red Dragon Incarnate

smiley - cool

I have kept rats for about 15 years now...keep meaning to write an entry but never seem to find the time......

Just a couple of things......

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I've recommended to Mort ways she can incorporate your comments into the entry. Thanks very much for pointing these things out to me. smiley - cheers

Just a couple of things......

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It was a lovely little piece wasn't it. One thing I noticed was that, at least here in America we are advised to USE pine wood shavings because of all wood shavings used it has the least oil in the wood which is also bad for your pets. Cedar chips are the worst in this department. Granted the average pet store sells chemical free pine shavings for very cheap. "Carefresh" made from recycled paper is also good but as with most paper products when wet it can become moldy. Corn cob is another alternative to consider. If you insist on using wood chips (which is considerably more expensive) a hardwood is recommended and some stores will sell aspin chips. Personally my Egyptian spiny mouse is quite happy in her chemical free pine shavings but she should really be in sand...oh well, it gives her weekly feeding of crickets a fighting chance.
Thanks so much,

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