A Conversation for New Zealand's Anti-nuclear Stance

Prime Minister Lange

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The Tea Totaller

During the period when NZ and the US were confronting the issue, Mr Lange gave a speech to the Oxford Union in support of his stance. I only heard part of it, but it was brilliant stuff, oratory in the finest sense of the word. It would be really good if the text could be found and linked to this article.

Prime Minister Lange

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He's always been blessed with the gift of gab, and is very popular these days on celebrity debates and commericals.

At the press conference, when he resigned as PM, he said to his successor Geoffrey Palmer "Geoff, I've changed my mind, I want my job back!"

Prime Minister Lange

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When I lived in New Zealand I remember David Lange was interviewed by an American current affairs program. He was asked by the somewhat condecending American reporter "without U.S. protection, what will you do in the event of a nuclear war?"

Lange replied without pause, "We'll burn, just like everyone else."

Brilliant man. A shame he stood for the Labour party.

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