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Kesey or Leary?

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Steve K.

Almost there - just need a script, production company, voice actors, music, ... although I have seen a number of films that had very few of these ...

Kesey or Leary?

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

Certainly, in fact i would have thought not having any of those would make it easier for us to get funding smiley - smiley

I just had an idea, how about Leonardo De Caprio as the hitchhiker, and this time they don't let him escape and do seriously nasty things to him......

Anyway, it was just a thought

Kesey or Leary?

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Sven Description

speaking of rolling stones...i read thompson listened to 'let it bleed' over and over while writing _fear_and_loathing_...

Kesey or Leary?

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Sven Description

no no no. crumb's not dead. hes still releasing comics today

Kesey or Leary?

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He listened to Let it Bleed constantly while writing 'On The Campaign Trail'. Steadman is most definately alive and living in Wales. Don't know about Crumb. Thompson has put his name to a compilation CD of his favourite tracks. He dedicated Fear and Loathing to Bob Dylan, "for Mr Tambourine Man".

Back to the main point - Thompson took the Hell's Angels to Kesey's place in La Honda where the Merry Pranksters were hanging out. It's detailed in 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test' by Tom Wolfe. Timothy Leary was a bore, and not in the same league as any of these other guys.

Kesey or Leary?

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While I cannot say definitely if Leary and Thompson ever met, it is important to remember that Thompson did write Leary's obituary in Rolling Stone, titled "Mistah Leary, He Dead." It was also released as a beautiful limited edition book with imitation acid blotter picturing Leary's face. If you read it, you'll see that Thompson had respect for the man, even if they weren't close friends.

Kesey or Leary?

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

I like the sound of the book but having read The Electric Kool-ade...(which is one of my all time faves BTW) i would have to say that hanging out with Kesey sounded like a lot more fun smiley - smiley

Hell's Angels

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Controversy reigns! Who was the founder member of the Hell's Angels. Was it, as I believe, Pretum Bobo (not sure of correct spelling). Or was it, as claimed by some, Sonny Barger. What year were they formed/first appeared.Any info regarding this era would be most grateful.

Kesey or Leary?

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Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but in the documentary Breakfast With Hunter (a cracking film by the way) Alex Cox (was going to direct the Fear and Loathing film) suggests some sort of animation.

Hunter basically states he doesn't like the idea, Cox tries to justify it, Hunter gets a little angrier, Cox STILL won't back down, Hunter gets livid, one again Cox tries to justify it and eventually Hunter kicks Cox and the screenwriter off the Owl Farm.

Thankfully, this lead to Gilliam being hired, and I think he, Jonny Depp and Benico did a brilliant job of tranferring Fear and Loathing to the screen. Granted, its not as good as the book but I think it is the closest anyone would ever have gotten.

Kesey or Leary?

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Crumb was alive & drawing not long back, he was here in Angoulême for the annual Comix festival (Bande Dessinée)

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Kesey or Leary?

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