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'Trap Door', I happen to know, spawned a computer game, also called 'Trap Door'. It was by a company called Alternative software, and was released on the Amstrad CPC and probably the other 8-bits as well.

The basic idea was that the Thing Upstairs would demand - in the form of a message on your screen - some kind of food. You'd have to use various objects to collect that food... as well as pressing switches to operate lifts, open/close the trapdoor, etc. A lot of the foods could only be produced by opening the trapdoor to release some of the more interesting creatures...

As a kid, I remember enjoying the game quite a lot... you could keep opening and closing the trapdoor, releasing worms, which you could then catapult into the air using the trapdoor smiley - smiley. You could also move Boni around, whereupon he'd complain incessently. You could even put him on the trapdoor and catapult him about smiley - smiley.

I can't remember what I thought about the TV series, but I think I probably liked it.

(If you're interested in playing 'Trap Door', you could probably find it, given a little work, on some sort of retro-gaming site)

I wonder if any other animation series produced computer games?

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Well Wallace & Gromit has created several. One is the Wallace & Gromit Fun Pack which contains several wallpapers and icons to personalize your desktop with. It also has clips from the shows, a 4 player quiz game, and two "multi-level" games. In one you control Gromit who is on the window cleaning bungee over a grid of nine windows and you have to clean the windows, dodge preston (who keeps on opening the windows) and pick up Shawn from the bottom. In the other game you have to put down the railroad track sos gromit can speed along safely and catch feathers McGraw.

There are two others, but I think these are just little activity kits, which candesign cards and such like.

There is also a game for the PlayStation called Skullmonkeys. It's a platform games that is all claymation. This includes the videos at the end of each level - and the essential parts (your character, the baddies, save points, goodies to collect) in the levels.

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