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Ave Eve

I learned French by following a mixture of the ways mentioned in the guide page, but made the most progress by picking a Marcel Pagnol book, "La Gloire de mon Pere", and, indeed writing down every word in a note book with its meaning. I then went over the words several times, and, eventually, I found that I needed to look up less and less words. (The vocabularly about hunting and shooting did not really excite me so I then read "Therese Desqueyroux" by Francois Mauriac. What a brilliant story, if you like a journey into the mind of the near insane!
I did some Spanish by reading children's primary readers in the language. The fairy tales were similar to English ones and so very easy to understand. Fun!
Now that I am learning Italian I shall adopt the same approach.
However, all languages need commitment and a lttle time each day rather than lots once a week or so.

Learning Languages

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thast true you need some time to learn a language, as you have said, of you keep following what you are doing, you may understand other languages from the same root, such as french, spanish, italian, portuguese, french, and also romanian, if you learn friench and italian, you will be able to understand a person from romania, easly, if you learn latin, you pcik up the romanian quite easy, because its the closest on there is in latin, my language thats portuguese, i understand the spanish, romanians, italians and french, because i associate other foreign words, and also from latin, and its easy pizzy, no worries,

Learning Languages

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Researcher 204710

I have read what you have written on the board, the way that you learn languages is so good that you have grasp the languages of several countries. I admire you very much and I have learned english for about ten years ,but the result of my hard work is out of my expected. now I am eager to improve my english level , I know it must be a process that I will spend a lot of time on and I will devote myself to .but I will try what I can.
As for me,I think the most important thing to grasp a language is the background of the language including the background of learning the language and the country where people speak in the language. so I want to get some frends who speak in english.

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