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Ah, so there is a point!

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We have not hotdesking but hot computering (is there such a word?) at our place. I have my own desk with my own stuff on, toys and things that I like and my hole punch EXACTLY where I want it. smiley - biggrin

We have a clever network that means no matter what pooter I log on at, giving it may details and password, that becomes my personal 'pooter with access to my files, nomatter where in the office it is. If I log off and somebody else logs on, it becomes their 'pooter with their own files and stuff. Does that make sense?

If I've got loads of work on and the office is fairly empty, I can log onto more the one 'pooter at once and have several reports running at the same time. Cool or what? smiley - smiley

Ah, so there is a point!

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haha, touche

i lived in NZ for 3 years, but i have yet to be back. I have to keep some of my heritage!smiley - smiley

Ah, so there is a point!

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Hot desking is a fine idea to save money on office space, but, unless you already have lots of people in the office who spend lots of time away from the office, it ends up with the poor bunny who happens to arrive later in the day than most spending half the day looking for somewhere to sit.

It also doesn't work unless the telephony can handle it. Having to logon your phone seems a little weird at first, but it's much better than running your business from a mobile (not only from a comfort point of view, but also from a financial one).

Also, unless you truly have a paperless office it's a nightmare, with employees spending a good part of their morning "setting up" and a good part of their afternoon "setting down".

From a people management perspective, it's evidence of a "people like paperclips" mentality, and unless it's applied to everyone, I would see it as another reason to find another job. I have yet to see a senior manager hunting around for a tiny cubicle in a huge office when they arrive at work (usually just before noon); there always seems to be a reason for them to be allocated a "permanent spot" and, again for perfectly good reasons, it always seems to be a large area with a widow, floor-to-ceiling walls and a door (which you will be told is "always open").

smiley - run

Ah, so there is a point!

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one computer
nasty little ringing phone
bunny picture
weird little sculpture
empty out bin
ugly wooden buisness card holder with gold decoration thingy
security button
door lock button (fun to play with)
annoying paperwork that will be sent to someone else.
the rest is neatly put away in my drawers and closet.

Having read this article, my life looks very nice indeed. at least i get my own room.smiley - choc

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