A Conversation for Cigarettes

Quitting Smoking

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Together, we'll crack it smiley - hug

No, that didn't work, did it? Still want a fag? Yep.
Me too.

But it's been 9 days & counting...........
(Ricky Lake stylee applause please! smiley - winkeye)
Find having big milky coffee after eats does work, & a strong black smiley - coffee when I get a bad nicotine urge. This does mean u can't sleep though!.....

Apart from that, water at all times (top tip Just 'zis Guy), and try going to the gym or running about doing something active & distracting(sing into your hairbrush, anything). You'll need it w the caffeine!

Moving on, kids......what IS addiction? I think it's quite an interesting subject in itself. OI!, no smiley - yawning!- some of us won't be able to sleep for another 90 hours with all this smiley - coffee!....

Quitting Smoking

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How is the Quitting Smoking going..??? Your Succeeding i hope.. smiley - smiley

I wil be joining you in your fight against nicotine at the weekend.. So stand strong in the knowlege that you army is growing .. smiley - zen

smiley - online2long Jessy

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