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I could not believe Tim Horton's when I visited Canada. I first suspected their existence in BC where billboards were offering 100 Timbits for $1. Having no idea what a Timbit was we had a quiz trying to guess what they were. I won't tell you all the guesses but I won by guessing that they were the centre of donuts (that was before I knew that Tim Hortons sold donuts). We didn't learn this until we got to Ontario where we were astounded by the quantity of stores. There was a Tim Horton Donut Store about every 400m and in between, every service station had one as an annexe. They were everywhere. There appeared to be a direct relationship between the obesity of the inhabitants and the number of Tim Horton stores. I'm sorry I can't agree on the coffee, There is nowhere in English speaking North America where you can a decent cup of coffee. The Starbucks coffee shops are the nearest equivalent to a proper coffee of the Continental kind.

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Mad Max

Their coffe is great as long as you don't mind bad taste and a price rivalling or exceeding that of beer.

On another note, I don't recall ever seeing a policeman in Tim Horton's (I don't have a great need for deep-fried sugary bread products though).

Hortons everywhere

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F. Zelphor Ghentlis, Esq.

Well, the coffee isn't the greatest, neither are the doughnuts. They used to be, but then another chain, Coffee Time, showed up, and outdid the official coffee and doughnut chain of the best hockey team of all time - THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS!
GO LEAFS GO! 2000!

Hortons everywhere

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Tim Horton's Coffee (or THC) must not be confused with real coffee. It tastes utterly nothing like real coffee whatsoever. (And neither does Starbucks for that matter) Once you accept that it is a caffeinated beverage of its own unique variety, you can enjoy it immensely.

And Coffee Time's donuts really, really suck. Coffee's not too bad, though.

Hortons everywhere

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I've begun a collective revision page at A3305189. I would appreciate contributions.

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