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Birds display some very interesting character traits that can be amusing or even threatening. Amusing for the obvious joy they take in having the ability to fly. It is due to the continuing destruction of their habitats that birds are being forced to co-habitate with humans.

Weather or not this has caused them to become more agressive, i do not know. I do know that while riding my bike the other day I was buzzed by some type of bird! I didn't see the bird, as it approached from behind the only warning was the sound of wind off what were probably fairly large wings. I felt a brush on my hair which probably was just the wind off the bird but may have been a talon. I couldn't take the time to look back and see what it was due to the fact that I was riding along a highway. I did notice a look of bewildered amazment on a woman in an oncoming car that seemed to say, 'That guy was attacked by a bird, and didn't even notice!' I did notice, i just didn't panic!

In a situation like that the bird is not really attacking (as far as i know), it's more likely just protecting it's territory from what it deems as predators. Since people are still actively *wiping out* what *very* little woodlands that remain here in NJ, these birds must be getting paranoid as well as a bit aggro.

Fortunatly, the birds and the bees have gotten together and are planning a petition to the UN. I'm not sure who will translate, but it is a step in the right direction! (ok, the bees just told me they'd rather keep a more centreist position.)
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The Great Tits, are they real? I've heard some interesting contradictive names, the Miniture Elephant for example. I thought they only existed in popular mythology, but now I'm not so sure!
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Bird Watching

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we in winter in indian punjab at home and around in dalhousie and dharamsala have lots of green red and yellow varieties

Bird Watching

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Yes, they can be quite nice.smiley - smiley

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