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Seems true!

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Interresting observation!
In fact, this seems so true that it would be possible to make some sort of generalisation here. It seems to me that the same rules apply when a restaurant, a bar - or for that matter - a bus is populated. To try this thesis, board a half-full bus and, though there are free seats, sit down next to somebody else. It could be the case that this is cultural-dependent, but where I live this is a sure way of provoking some interresting reactions smiley - smiley

Seems true!

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C Hawke

Since originally writing the article some months ago I too have noticed the same therory can be applied elsewhere. Apparently men chosing urinals is another one!



Seems true!

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

The most striking and visible application of this theory is in a public men's room, at the urinals. The first two people will choose urinals on opposite sides of the wall, then the next in the middle, and so on until every other stall is in use, at which point the stalls will then be used. When the stalls are filled, the next man in will surreptitiously fix his hair or wash his hands. Only time this cycle will be broken is if there is a huge line outside, such as at halftime in the football stadium.

Seems true!

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The final word on this has to be from Simon 'BOFH' Travaglia: The Blokes guide to taking a leak - http://bofh.ntk.net/BlokeLeak.html

Sheer genius.

Seems true!

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C Hawke

I had actually thought along the same lines but left it of due to the "no jokes" rule smiley - smiley


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