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Hi all,

I grew up on a small island in the panhandle of Alaska, so most of my early hitching experience has been on the providing rides end rather than the recieving. Summer was alot of fun for me, as it provided me with alot of opportunity to pick up (mostly Deutch) tourists and play "tour guide" around my island, showing off the cool sites and things to do.

After dropping out of Uni, I hitch-hiked (alot of hiking in some places... smiley - smiley ) around Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and briefly into some of the surrounding states.

Hitching on the Interstates _is_ technically illegal, but I've done it when I've had to between towns, and the Highway Patrol has tended to turn a pretty blind-eye to me. On-ramps are really the best place to hang-out waiting for a ride.

Everyone I met hitching alot the I-5 corrider were really great people. I got offers of gainful employment bucking haybales, roofing, mending fence, and other odd jobs; places to crash, hay-lofts, sheds; booze; drugs and food. Keep a friendly and positive manner, and it seems that most people would rather be friendly and positive back. Put off a "negative aura" and people will respond in kind.

A big advantage to hitching in the PacNW is that there are alot of undeveloped areas even close to or in the major metropolitain areas where a guy can throw down a sleeping bag and catch some zzzzzz's without being bothered.

Pepper spray is legal (under a certain concentration) in all three states, and I would suggest carrying it. I would _STRONGLY_ discourage carrying a pistol (through all three states do offer CCW permits). I think that if you do carry a pistol, you are more likely to put yourself into a situation where you'd have to use it. If you have to rely on your wits to protect you you're more likely to think about what you're doing and pay attention to the warning signs and not put yourself into harms way.

Anyway, it's been fun to read everyone's experiences... Have fun, be safe and trust your instincts.


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Jerms - a Brief flicker and then gone again.

Except then nobody would stop to pick you up.
Don't forget, people are making a one-second judgement about whether they're going to stop for you, based on what you look like and your posture, etc.
This is why I wear light coloured clothing while hitching, even though I wear dark colours the rest of the time. People don't stop for someone in dark clothes - they don't have time to think a second time.
A lead pipe or crow bar would be a sure-fire way to end up walking the whole way, while cars go past.

For a single female who's hitching, a short length of wood is acceptable (probably?); people will know that at least she's sensible and happily stop for her.
Besides, in the case that the weapon needs to be used, a short weapon is much easier to weild in a car than a longer pipe. Knives are not a good idea though, for anyone.

smiley - cheers

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Jerms - a Brief flicker and then gone again.

smiley - blush Didn't notice the extra post, sorry.

Pepper spray - good idea. smiley - ok

Hitchhikers Guide??

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Well noted. I'll get me a stick then

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Edddie - now with a name 516% longer!

I think there is one thing you shouldn´t forget while hitchhiking, and that is, indeed, the towel.
In my opinion DNA was not wrong when he said in the Hitchhiker´s Guide that that it impresses strags. Also, you can REALLY do lots of things with towels. Maybe you won´t meet a Bugblatter Beast on the highways, but you can use it as a pillow, a cover, wave around with it to make people notice you, sit onto it on dirty ground etc.
And perhaps, if a part-time hitchhiker in a car sees it, he may look upon it as funny (if he has also read the Guide) and give you a lift.

PS: Sorry for my English.

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Jerms - a Brief flicker and then gone again.

No need to apologise, your English is fine. smiley - ok

I agree, towels are great wee things. Three cheers for towels! smiley - discosmiley - somersaultsmiley - applause

smiley - cheers

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