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A great entry, direct and succinct. It's difficult to find any more factual information on the phenomenon; everything I find takes on a negative slant on the subject, and as a result nobody hitchhikes very successfully where I live, (I thank the fear-spreading media). I don't know anyone who's traveled by thumb, and I'm trying to glean some first hand information.

I'm a Yank who's planning to fly to London in late October and hitchhike North to see my brother, who is living in Glasgow. I took a flight to London instead of directly to Glasgow so that I could see more of the U.K. (it's my fist hop across the pond). Is there anything I should know about the local laws concerning hitchhiking? I know it's mainly illegal here in the U.S., but I get the impression that begging for a free ride is generally more accepted in Canada and Europe. Any timely (leaving in two weeks!) responses would be appreciated! Thanks!

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I read your text and i´m just curious how it worked out. acctually i´m working on an essay about travelleling, escaping the society, backpacking and stoff like that. I would love talk to you and here about your experiense.


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Does Anyone in the U.S. know what states its illigel to Hitchhike in and also some tips on Hitchhiking in the U.S.

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It's generally considered a bad thing to be hitch hiking here in the states.

I have been doing it for the last 10-15 years since I was about 12, and enjoy it. I don't go for extremely long trips as I find funding my every day life is difficult, let alone funding an expedition by thumb across country. As much as I would love it, I don't see it ever happening.

To keep things safe on the legal side, stay away from state highways. The police generally patrol them often. Sure you may find a ride quicker, but do you really want to take that trip to the local cell barracks for a day or two?

In the last 15 years, I have been stopped by law enforcement once. About 8PM and dark outside and his excuse was to keep me safe. I guess if I wanted to be safe I would have taken my own car that night, huh?

Either way you look at it, the journey would not be as grand if it didn't involve the risk of police involvement. Just go for it, and enjoy the ride.


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So hitchhiking is ILLEGAL in America? Begs the question: why?

P.S. If the answer's obvious, please humour me. I just can't fathom some things smiley - winkeye.


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Possibly because all of us in the States are scared to death of anyone we don't know.


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I'm not afraid of anything. Well maybe Carnys, you know circus folk. They have cold hands.

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And webbed toes

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