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Agent Orange

Well described I think, but a golf ball must not have exactly 336 dimples. The Titleist balls I play have 386 for example, and it is often more or less dimples in other balls. Hole can even be named as par 6 or 7, I have played such a hole. Anyway I think they are useless... The cleek, or 4 wood as you call it, you probably will hit longer than an Iron 3. Iron 3 and the 5 wood have the same angel - 21º, but the shape of the "wood" * club and the longer shaft in it makes the ball flight longer. Last of all I want to point out that in golf You shall never be claimed for bad scores. The weather, the equipment and bad luck are always the reasons smiley - winkeye

* They are nowadays seldom made of wood. A new name of the clubs are "metalwoods".

Nearly correct

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Ralph the Wonder Llama and André the dodo; Excrement Occurs

If a wood is not made of wood, why call it a wood??smiley - erm

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T.B. Falsename ACE: [stercus venio] I have learned from my mistakes, and feel I could repeat them exactly.

they're called woods because they used to be wood. Also, match play is played against the hole. You get a win, '+' if you get unde par, a draw '=' if you get par and a loss '-' if you go over par. the person with the most +'s wins, or if you have an equal number then the person with the most ='s wins.

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