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Romantic Food without trying too hard.

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One day after returning from a trip, my fiance (now husband), surprised me with a romantic candlelit dinner of Kung Pow Chicken. Now my husband was no big cook at the time, but he had the gift of presentation, and the dinner was well received.

The thing to learn from this story is that presentation counts.
You don't have to actually make the food yourself if the mood is right,so I'd like to ask for suggestions for romantic ways to serve food that someone else fixed.

I'll start first with a dessert.

You can't go wrong with chocolate. Make your own fancy chocolate "moose" desert this way.

Get two large wine glasses. Fill them with spoonfuls of chocolate pudding from packaged pudding cups. Then put some whipped cream on top. The tub is nice, but the pressurized can is best in case you want to use it later for something else (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
Then take a dark chocolate candy bar, and put some chocolate shavings on top using a cheese grater.

If you want a more intense chocolate experience, put the glass on a saucer and surround it with chocolates from a fancy chocolate box.

This is a sexy and indulgent dish,and it is easy to fix.

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Romantic Food without trying too hard.

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