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Adverts in pay per view programming

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What sort of mugs are people being taken for?

Firstly, we are supposed to buy a TV license, because we 'don't want to see adverts' personally I don't buy it.

Secondly, to get any sport, news, music etc., we have to fork out for a sattelite dish, decoder box, etc.

Thirdly, we have to either pay for a monthly subscription for a card to put in the decoder box to get the channels that we really want to watch, or when it is an event or a film that we really want to watch, we have to fork out for that i.e. PAY PER VIEW.

Fourthly, after forking out all of that hard-earend money WE STILL HAVE TO WATCH ADVERTS!!!!!!

The nerve of it, the downright cheek. Daylight robbery. What madness on Earth ever caused our right to broadcast football matches going on in the UK to be given away to a megalomaniac Australian living in America?

The technology exists now to reclaim the right to watch what we want with-out paying for it three times and then again through adverts, as long as we don't allow the internet to be divided up by the megalomaniacs under the auspices of property rights.

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Adverts in pay per view programming

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