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Its great not to have adverts.

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Alot of people malign the BBC for having teh liscence fee but this does allow minority TV (For all us Sci-fi geeks out there BBC 2 shows more SF than any other free terrestrial network. Now, if they'd only show it) It also allows films without ads which is great. Watching a Big blockbuster movie on any of teh otehr channels (ITV is particularly bad for this) Can result in frequent and long ad breaks. I remember watching Alien once on ITV and having a 5 minute ad break for every 15 minutes the film was on. It ruined it. This also often forces teh network to unnececarily cut teh film to fit in teh adverts but keep the time down. (On defece Channel 5 is usually Ok with their breaks). I say keep the liscence fee. That way teh BBC is publicly accountable.

Its great not to have adverts.

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And it means they can devote air time to educational programmes where they can teach people how to spell "the". smiley - smiley

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Its great not to have adverts.

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