A Conversation for Egg-Balancing and the Vernal Equinox

Balancing Salt

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Baron Grim

smiley - applause Another Eggcellent article Farlander. smiley - cheers

I was hoping you'd mention the salt trick and you didn't disappoint.

Here's a similar trick you can use to impress your friends at dinner.

The Amazing Balancing Salt Shaker Trick

Step 1: Be the first to arrive at the restaurant! This is important because you are about to CHEAT!!!

Step 2: Set up your trick. Lift up your corner of the table cloth (you did pick a nice restaurant didn't you?) and pour a small mound of salt on the table. Replace the table cloth noting the position of this salt mound.

Step 3: After your friends arrive, find some way of 'casually' betting that you can balance a salt shaker on edge but your friends can't.

Step 4: Balance the salt shaker on the edge of its base atop the little mound of salt under the table cloth. As long as the mound isn't too big, no one should notice it. It will still take a steady hand. You should probably practice before your friends arrive.

Step 5: Let your friends try... and fail. Tell them it's a talent you learned from some Eastern mystic or something. Really pile it on. Hey, people believe the Equinox-egg stuff, right?

Balancing Salt

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Eggcellent, Count! smiley - ok I'll have to try that sometime... when I can find a decent place with a tablecloth, and doesn't charge too much! To what eggstremes we will go to trick friends...

Balancing Salt

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Baron Grim

When I smoked I had another neat trick I would credit to the teachings of said Eastern Mystic. This one's pretty scary!

Here's what the trick looks like:

I take a lit cigarette and hold it between thumb and forefinger with the burning ember touching my finger. I hold this for about a minute while describing the teachings of this lama/swami/aesthetic/guru/whatever. He endowed me with the power of mind over matter, by entering a state of relaxed entlightenment I can over come the pain and burning of the cigarette, by focusing on my chi and directing my eternal spirit blah blah blah...
Anyways, about this time everyone's jaw is slack or they are turning away in disgust.

What they never noticed was the ice cube I tossed behind me just before I started holding the cigarette. If you hold an icecube against your finger for over one minute you can hold the cigarette for almost as long. You just drag out your story until you START to feel the heat. Wrap up the story and take a puff from the cigarette to prove that it is indeed lit! Show the tip of your finger to show there is no burnt flesh. Let someone feel your finger if they want... when they feel that it is cold they'll just think you've really got that mystical power.
BTW make sure to wipe your finger on your trousers before holding the cigarette... if they hear a pssst sound and the cigarette goes out, you've blown it.

P.S. This is a magic secret, don't tell anyone. smiley - winkeye

Balancing Salt

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haha, good one! smiley - ok Well, I don't smoke (it's technically impossible to smoke *and* sneeze continuously at the same time), so there's no chance of my doing the Smoker's Trick. But I'm pretty sure I can work a burning ember or something into the trick! smiley - rofl

(Checks coal scuttle)

PS: In case you haven't noticed, you've just broadcast your 'magic secret' to about half the world. smiley - winkeye

Balancing Salt

Post 5

Baron Grim

You could use someone elses cigarette, this helps with the illusion because then that person knows it's not a trick cigarette.

Be carefull with other burning embers though... some things burn hotter than others.

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